— Oct 26, 2014

The key to a Christian personality is education and formation

These days, the Church cannot count on Christian States or on environments through which, one can secure the formation of Christian personalities. Said Father Friedrich Bechina in a meeting with representatives of pedagogic projects and initiatives from the International Schoenstatt Movement.

— Oct 25, 2014

Youth Pilgrimage - Rome

Youth pilgrimage - Rome. Full screen here. For more videos click here.

— Oct 25, 2014

Youth in Rome: Schoenstatt for the Church

Around 3000 pilgrims walked from St. Vincent Pallotti’s grave to the Vatican. The celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the International Schoenstatt Movement continue 6 days after the unforgettable day: October 18th.

— Oct 24, 2014

VIDEO: Pilgrims going to Cor Ecclesiae Shrine

VIDEO: Pilgrims going to Cor Ecclesiae Shrine. Full screen here. More videos here.

— Oct 24, 2014

ROME: Schoenstatt TV - Transmission times from Rome

Here you can see the complete transmission schedule of the Jubilee Celebrations from Rome

— Oct 24, 2014

Renewal of the Covenant of Love - Your Covenant our Mission

In the afternoon of October 18th, the international Schoenstatt Family renewed its Covenant of Love with Mary during a great celebration at the place of origin. This was the highlight of the Jubilee Pilgrimage 2014.

— Oct 23, 2014

Schoenstatt Celebrates 100 Years In The Heart Of The Church

Thousands of pilgrims will visit Rome at the end of October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Schoenstatt movement.

— Oct 21, 2014

Live transmissions now available in the media library

A joyful atmosphere – the Pilgrims’ Arena like a colorful ocean with the flags from around the world – happy moments, and also of meditation:

— Oct 21, 2014

IGNIS: The International Boys Youth starts facing their challenges

During the closing of the IGNIS, the Boys Youth met to reflect and respond to the challenges that our times present them.

— Oct 21, 2014

IGNIS: Vigil of the International Boys Youth and crowning of Mary as their Queen.

With representatives from over 20 countries began the event that gathered about 800 boys

— Oct 21, 2014

Texts of the celebrations

„Go with confidence into Schoenstatt’s second century“, Giovanni Cardenal Lajolo called to the pilgrims during his homily last Saturday. To find out more about what the Cardenal said – as well as all other homilies and speeches – visit our homepage

— Oct 19, 2014

VIDEO: Your moment

Video: Your moment
For full screen click here. More videos here.

— Oct 19, 2014

VIDEO: What do you include in your Covenant Renewal?

Video: What do you include in your Covenant renewal?
For full screen click here. More videos here.

— Oct 18, 2014

Festive Jubilee Holy Mass

In a wonderful and Sunny Day, the Festive Holy Mass marking the 100 Jubilee of the Covenant of Love took place.

— Oct 17, 2014

An encounter with Fr. Kentenich

An encounter with Fr. Kentenich. Full screen here. More videos here.