— Jun 16, 2014

Twitter-Account: @schoenstatt2014

Schoenstatt twitter: As of now Office 2014 will be twittering away. All information and news on the Jubilee pilgrimage in Schoenstatt and in Rome can be reached under @schoenstatt2014. We look forward to a large following from all who want to contact us.

— Jun 4, 2014

Hosts from Poland

Members of the Schoenstatt Family in many countries have already contributed with different gifts for our great Jubilee. The hosts for all Holy Masses will come from Poland.

— May 22, 2014

Facebook page

Since April 2013 the organizing team for the international Jubilee pilgrimage 2014 uses its Facebook page.

— May 22, 2014

Pilgrim Arena

Next to the Original Shrine and the resting place of Father Kentenich, we have the Pilgrim Arena as the third central place of our jubilee pilgrimage in Schoenstatt.

— Apr 25, 2014

Poster 2014

Everyone should hear something about the great Schoenstatt Jubilee. The Office 2014 is offering you posters for download to publicize the Jubilee Pilgrimage

— Apr 23, 2014

Motivation Video - Pedagogy Tent

The Covenant Tent Pedagogy presents its program in a new video.

— Apr 17, 2014

The time fort he audience with the Pope is defined!

The encounter oft he Schoenstatt Family with the Holy Father will be on Saturday, October 25th at 12:00 pm at the Paul VI Hall.

— Apr 10, 2014

Children’s Jubilee Hymn

Our Lady loves people of all ages as do people of all ages groups love Our Lady. People from all generations will be celebrating 100 years Schoenstatt, even children.

— Apr 9, 2014

My name – my covenant

My name- my covenant. Under this motto all pilgrims coming to Schoenstatt for the Jubilee celebration will receive the opportunity to sign their name under the founding documents.

— Apr 9, 2014

Gift list

Flowers, candles, music…So you would like to give a gift for our celebrations in October 2014?

— Apr 3, 2014

Jubilee Celebration in Poland

The Schoenstatt Family of Poland gathered to celebrate the 100 year jubilee of Schoenstatt and to thank the Blessed Mother for the fruits of these years in their country.

— Mar 19, 2014

Holy Mass in the Original Shrine - Pilgrim MTA

This Saturday, March 22, 2014 the Holy Mass "Towards 2014" will be offered in Covenant with the Rosary Campaign. The Mass will be celebrated at 7:15 am in the Original Shrine...

— Mar 19, 2014


You can now download the Newsletter "Towards 2014" - March issue

— Mar 1, 2014

The International Ticket Office opens its doors

The International Ticket Office is now functioning. You can get in contact with them via e-mail: Sr. Kerstin-Maria Möhlich is responsible for the Office. Here you can acquire the pilgrims pass and book Youth Accommodations. The booking is done through the national contact person.

— Mar 1, 2014

Audience with the Pope on October 25

Fr Patricio Moore confirmed that Pope Francis has granted an audience for the Schoenstatt Family on October 25, 2014. The audience will take place at the Paul VI Aula.