Festive Jubilee Holy Mass

Mass.jpgThe day the Schoenstatt Family have awaited for so long has come. The day to celebrate and give thanks for the Founding of Schoenstatt 100 years ago, a day to share, sing and rejoice.

It was a beautiful and sunny day, the Pilgrim Arena was at capacity with around 10,000 people, all with smiling faces. The main celebrant was His Eminence Giovanni Cardinal Lajolo and concelebrating there were 2 other Cardinals, 20 Bishops and 400 priests. The Choir, formed by Schoenstatt Members of several countries, sang a Mass specially composed for the Jubilee by Christopher Tambling and many other well known songs from different countries.

Before the Holy Mass, Father Heinrich Walter greeted everybody present and all those who were watching the transmission via Domradio and EWTN. He later  introduced Mr Hermann Gröhe, the German Health Minister that came as a representative of the German Government. Mr. Gröhe talked about the good work the Schoenstatt Movement is doing. Later he introduced Malu Dreyer, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Federal State to which Vallendar belongs to. She gave a warm welcome to the thousands of pilgrims from all over the world that were gathered in the arena, and congratulated all the members of the Schoenstatt Movement.


After that, a group of children brought flowers to the Blessed Mother, and later they went to the stage and happily waved Schoenstatt banners. There was a very touching video shown with Father Kentenich’s recorded voice, where he affirmed that it was true that Our Lady had erected her throne in the Shrine in 1914, she has set up her workshop, and that we should be fully open to everything that God offers to each one of us and to us as a family during these days. Father Kentenich was also present in the hearts of all his children, represented in as many as 60 flags of countries where Schoenstatt is alive and growing. 

There was an impressive entrance procession with many Bishops and Cardinals. During his homily Cardinal Lajolo  encouraged all to  go with hope into the second century of Schoenstatt’s founding. He added that the covenant with God and the world, through Mary’s yes, has made this all possible. This covenant has created room for relationships where light, life and love can grow, our task is now to make this room expand.

After the Holy Mass, the Cardinal greeted everybody spontaneously and communicated Pope Francis’ good wishes and blessings to the members of the Schoenstatt Movement He also said that  Pope Emeritus Benedict sends his greetings and blessing too. This greeting was received with a warm and long applause, waving of flags. People participated and sang with all their heart, the Schoenstatt Family is united as one in the heart of the Father and Founder.