Generation 2014: On your marks... Ready... Go!

IMG_9777-1.jpgThe fire and energy of the youth was the most important aspect of the Mission-Tent opening.

As part of the activities of the opening day of the Jubilee Celebration in Schoenstatt, the Mission-Tent was inaugurated. The event took place on Thursday at 9 PM, with representatives of Male and Female Youth from all over the world. It was marked by the joy and spirit of youth.

Just as the youth of the founding generation started Schoenstatt in 1914, Generation 2014 of the Schoenstatt Youth also wants to take on the challenge of building for the next 100 years. That is why the tone of the opening was so spirited in the youth that wanted to start this Jubilee and with it the new century of Schoenstatt. With the MTA, Father Kentenich, the first congregants united with the entirety of Generation 2014 they want to start this race. This is what Diego Jaramillo, a volunteer from Ecuador, shared about his experience: "It's really amazing how Schoenstatt unites and becomes one family. There is only youth here and we can feel the fire that everyone has brought. Our spirits burn for the mission and that’s why we received a shirt as a sign that we are ready and starting this race as heroes, to reconquer for our Blessed Mother and renew our Covenant of Love this 18th. Today is a historical moment, maybe we will realize later, perhaps years later, what we are living through and experiencing today..."

The evening was marked by the songs of the youth. There were moments of entertainment and activities that allowed pilgrims to look backward and think about their own Schoenstatt experience through the years. It was a very special meeting for the people who attended the event, and that is what David (18 y/o) from Brazil wanted to share his about his experience: "It made me remember all my friends of the youth of Jaragua’s Shrine... All of them wanted to be here, so [since I am here] I feel like I am representing them right now. Especially in this time when the youth of the world is gathered all in one place, we are united in our Covenant; we are making history."

In 1914 it was all new, now it is up to this generation to continue to carry the flame. The new generation is the future. The MTA is expecting great things and today it became clear that this youth is taking it seriously. The spirit of the Jubilee was represented today this evening and it has become certain that this generation is responsible for the next 100 years of Schoenstatt, so the youth is ready to be the first to receive this responsibility.