Pilgrims from all over the world visit the Original Shrine



The Schoenstatt Centennial Jubilee started with thousands of Pilgrims greeting the Queen and Mother of Schoenstatt at the Original S


The program was called “Pilgri

mage of the Nations” Every 15 minutes representatives of different countries gathered in the stage close to the Original Shrine and prayed and singed together.

They were all introduced either with the National Hymn or a special song from the country.  They came to the Shrine waiving their flags and singing with all their heart. At the stage they prayed together, offered their capital of grace, and consecrated themselves to our Queen.

After the presentation, they processed together to the Original Shrine.

There were smaller groups such as the one from Nigeria or Cuba, others really large and loud such as the group from Chile, with nearly 800 people, and Brazil with around 400.

It was a special opportunity to reflect on the richness we have received from many countries, the diversity and the currents that have streamed  to our Schoenstatt Movement from countries like Chile with the Unity Cross, Brazil with the Pilgrim Mother, and of course Germany were this beautiful Schoenstatt history started.

Schoenstatt is a family, and like such, this gathering around the Original Shrine was an opportunity to bond, to meet with old friends and take many pictures.

The emotion that many of the pilgrims experienced while walking in the Original Shrine for the fist time, made all the efforts worth while.