Registration deadline

Ingles_OK_OK.jpgThe Ticket Office continues to receive numerous registrations day by day from pilgrims that will come to the International Jubilee Pilgrimage. But this possibility will soon be closed! Registration via the International Ticket Office will be possible only until October 8th. Those who unable to register before this day must do it at the Ticket Center of the Marian School, which will be open during the jubilee days.

Until now, approximately 7600 pilgrims have registered for the Jubilee Celebrations in Schoenstatt from October 16th to 19th. Pilgrims will come from more than 50 countries and from all continents, to mentions some of them: Pakistan, Russia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, the Philippines, etc. The most numerous group comes from Schoenstatt’s land of origin, Germany. There are around 3100 German pilgrims registered, about 900 of them will be serving as helpers during the event. The German group is followed in number by some South American countries where Schoenstatt has experienced an outstanding growth, for example: Chile with 600 pilgrims, Brazil with 400, Paraguay and Argentina approximately 300 each. Between 8000 and 10000 pilgrims are expected to participate from the celebrations. Besides all the pilgrims that have already registered, the organization expects numerous visitors to arrive spontaneously in Schoenstatt for the event.

It is worth registering before the deadline: A timely registration may help avoid long waiting periods and will guarantee that the pilgrim will receive a pilgrims bag and meal tickets.