Your Covenant – our mission

The motto for the international Schoenstatt Movement for the jubilee year 2014 is:

Your covenant – our mission.

This motto emphasizes Schoenstatt’s original charism – the covenant of love. This covenant stands for a new lifestyle in relationship with God and with our neighbours. It is on offer to all who want it.

The logo was designed by María Cecilia Avilés from Ecuador and depicts the streams of life which underline the Schoenstatt way of life.

  • The shrine is the heart of Schoenstatt and unites the entire movement.
  • The streams of life flowing from the shrine represent the graces, the blessings and the life which surge from this holy place and have developed into a healing power.
  • The world is the place where we live and work in the covenant so that a covenant culture can develop.

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