Hoping in the solidarity of the international Schoenstatt-Family

Fundraising_en.jpgSchoenstatt turns 100- a historical and joyous occasion that inspires and moves many people around the globe. With only two months until the Jubilee celebration the anticipation is very high. Many initiatives and projects make it clear how much life within the Schoenstatt Movement has awakened from the Jubilee. The Jubilee- it is a global event of the International Schoenstatt Family.

“We realize how moving the Jubilee is,” said Sr. Luciane Machens from the Central Team. Without the volunteer commitment of many in Germany and the varied support of the International Schoenstatt Family the jubilee celebration would not be possible. We are very grateful for the many small and large donations that we have already received.  

It is also great how many people are willing to help: for example Brazil and Argentina donated for the Jubilee to be broadcasted on TV. Ecuador donated flower arrangements. USA is contributing to make simultaneous translations possible from EWTN during the central celebrations. But that isn’t everything that has been given: Hosts, Chasubles, Stoles, flags, and jars, have also been donated from all corners of the world. “We thank you for this support and hope that we can continue to rely on the solidarity of the Schoenstatt family, each according to his own possibilities,” Sr. Luciane Machens from the Organization team said.

Online donation tool makes donating easy

In the last weeks, many people from all over the world have asked us the same question; “We want to give back to Schoenstatt some of what Schoenstatt has given to us. How can we donate?” Until now it was only possible to contribute to the jubilee via a bank transfer. But now there is an online donation tool that makes it easy to donate particularly for countries outside of Europe. With the tool from betterplace.org it is possible to pay with credit card or Paypal. Suggestions for what you can donate you can find on the official event homepage schoenstatt2014.org in the Jubilee gift list.

Anyone can contribute so that the Jubilee- a once in a lifetime experience- can be successful. It doesn’t mater if the pilgrims celebrate in Schoenstatt, at home in front of a TV screen, or at their home Schoenstatt center. The Jubilee is a group effort of the whole Schoenstatt Family to thank the Blessed Mother for the first 100 years of Schoenstatt and ask for her intercession for the next 100 years.

The new donation platform, betterplace.org is an online fundraising site that is free for social and charitable purposes, it is also trustworthy and makes donating easy. On Facebook, our website, or directly on the Jubilee website at betterplace.org you can find a donation button. Then you can easily donate using credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal. Betterplace.org will automatically give you a donation receipt. The 2014 Office gives heartfelt thanks for all donations.