My Name – My Covenant!


From now on, every pilgrim that comes to Schoenstatt in October and all those who celebrate in their own country are invited to put their name in the Founding Document. “For a very long time, we looked for a way so that every pilgrim could materialize the renewal of the Covenant of Love on the 18th of October 2014 in a very personal way. This happens, on one hand, every time that we pray the Little Consecration and on the other hand with our name, which we place under the Founding document, which will be brought to the Original Shrine”, says Sister Veronika Riechel, responsible for the program of the jubilee pilgrimage to Schoenstatt, they’re calling it “My Name – My Covenant!”

During the jubilee days in Schoenstatt, there will be a tent on the pilgrim’s way to the Original Shrine where there will be a paper roll over 20 meter long. On this roll, the 8,000-10,000 pilgrims from around the world will be able to sign the Founding document until shortly before the Covenant celebration on October 18th. What happens to those who can’t come to Schoenstatt? From now on, they can send their “electronic signature” through an online form. The names that come through this way will be saved on a memory stick that will be placed on the paper roll. The paper roll and the memory stick will be brought to the Original Shrine as a gift to the Blessed Mother. “We wanted to give every Schoenstatt member the possibility of celebrating in this place. Through their signatures on the Founding Document, all Schoenstatt members can be present at the Original Shrine as an international Family”, says Sister Veronika. 

Putting our name on the Founding Document is a symbol of confirmation of the Covenant of Love: “The name is like a seal, an external sign of myself and my personality. I sign documents to confirm or support something and to express my Yes”, explains the Sister. “On October 18th, we want to renew our Yes to the Covenant of Love as an international family.”

Father Kentenich also says something about putting his name on the Founding Document. In a talk in Milwaukee he says: “That time the names were still blurry and invisible. Today, we want to rewrite them with new ink.” Father Kentenich was convinced that the MTA had written their names on the Founding Document on the 18th of October 1914. “Putting our name on the Founding Document and renewing our Yes to the Covenant of Love is an image that our own Founding Father uses”, says Sister Veronika.

You can send your name through this online form. The form will be online until the 18th of October at 12:00 pm (German time). Please communicate with other Schoenstatt members about this opportunity of being at the Original Shrine during the Founding hour accompanying our Blessed Mother.