Pilgrims’ Book

Every pilgrim will receive two books along with their pilgrims’ bag: Book number 1 contains the complete texts of all the liturgies and songs, while book number 2 presents all the activities that will take place during the jubilee days. Thus, pilgrims will have a global view of the many different offerings: Covenant Culture Tents, cultural activities, prayer times, childrens’ program, gastronomic offers, among others.

We offer this digital version of the Pilgrims’ Book 1 and 2 so that you can take a look at all the options and activities and you can plan ahead of time accordingly.


Pilgrims’ Book 1 [Download here]

Pilgrims’ Book 2 [Download here]

QRCODES (Download for smartphone or tablet)

Pilgrims’ Book 1 Pilgrims’ Book 2