Schoenstatt Jubilee – How to register at the last minute?


Schoenstatt Jubilee – How to register at the last minute?

Only one month left until the international pilgrimage to Schoenstatt for the celebration of its 100 years. September 15th was the closing date for the pilgrims to register for the Jubilee celebrations. With great joy, we are expecting pilgrims from more than 50 countries that have already register themselves. The door of the Original Shrine remains open for all those who couldn’t buy a participation ticket before September 15th, but still want to participate in this historical hour. For them there are the following possibilities:

International pilgrims

International pilgrims have to register directly at the International tickets office: Booking is no longer possible through the national contacts. The International Tickets Office needs you to fill out the registration form and to send it in. You can download this form from our web page. Only by completing this process can we assure that the registration goes through.

German pilgrims

Pilgrims from Germany that still want to register can do it online here.

The sooner you register the better, so the organization team knows how many pilgrims are coming and can make decisions accordingly.

Last minute

Those who decide to come at the last minute are also welcome. At the MarienSchule (Marian School) there is going to be a registration point, there you can buy your participation tickets for the Jubilee celebrations. However,  please note that these tickets don’t guarantee food or the pilgrims bag even when the price is the same.

The registration conditions are the same

The conditions for the registration haven’t change since they were published at the beginning: cancellations are not possible after September 15th 2014. Changes in the names however are possible until the beginning of the celebration. 

Information about the distribution of the tickets will be available soon on our webpage:

Everybody is invited

Everybody is invited to participate in the Schoenstatt Movement's Jubilee. The door of the Original Shrine is open! The Blessed Mother is expecting her entire international family to be there…you too!