A window into Schoenstatt

ventana.pngEveryone wants to come to the Original Shrine in this jubilee year, so now it possible to – virtually – be “in the shadow of the shrine.” We know how important the bond with this place of grace is for each Schoenstatter, and that is why we have decided to film it 24 hours a day.

Go to the official page of the jubilee www.schoenstatt2014.org, and there you will find a drawing of a window in the lower left. Click the window and it will transport you around the Shrine and you will be able to enjoy what happens in the pilgrims’ plaza minute by minute.

Over the image of the Shrine will be two large titles: Clicking on the first will give you the chance to send your prayers, petitions and thanks. The volunteers pray the rosary in the Original Shrine for these intentions every Wednesday. We know that our great celebration is approaching and we still have much to do, so clicking on the second title, you can make a financial contribution for the Jubilee through a donation. We want to make this celebration as a family, helping wherever needed.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you can see all of our official channels of communication, with direct access to the social networks without an account. Also, during the days of the Jubilee, you can find out all that will happen here through them.

After much waiting, the moment is coming. We prepare our heart, and let us draw near to our homeland.