Latest Jubilee News:

09 August 2014, 18:00 CEST

Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo will be the special envoy from the Vatican for the Jubilee in Schoenstatt

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has appointed His Eminence Giovani Cardinal Lajolo as his special envoy for the International Jubilee Pilgrimage in Schoenstatt.

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07 August 2014, 17:39 CEST

Checklist for pilgrims

Pilgrims from 50 different nations are participating in the Jubilee Pilgrimage to Schoenstatt.

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05 August 2014, 16:13 CEST

How will people come to the Original Shrine?

Thousands of pilgrims will come to the Original Shrine. But, how will the entrance to the shrine actually take place?

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30 July 2014, 18:12 CEST

The Unity Cross - Symbol of our Mission

All pilgrims who will come to Schoenstatt and Rome will receive a small replica of the Unity Cross, as sign and symbol of this centennial.

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22 July 2014, 10:38 CEST

Message of the General Presidium for the Jubilee 2014

“Today, let us reach for the great goals and ideals of the founding time.”

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17 July 2014, 16:38 CEST

100 days till Rome!

There are only 100 days left for the encounter with Pope Francis. The Rome Team prepared a video motivating to live this great opportunity.

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17 July 2014, 10:43 CEST

Gifts and contributions

No one wants to come to this great celebration empty-handed. Many countries have expressed their wish to bring gifts to the MTA in the Original Shrine.

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07 July 2014, 18:03 CEST

Work as a helper during the Jubilee celebration

More than 700 members of the Schoenstatt movement in Germany have registered as helpers.

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01 July 2014, 11:41 CEST

"Let us come together"

This new song will be sung when we come together as a family during the Welcome ceremony of the Jubilee Celebration...

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27 June 2014, 19:45 CEST

The press conference available online

There's been another big step toward our Jubilee. On June 26th, a press conference was held in Schoenstatt with Cardinal Errázuriz...

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