Latest Jubilee News:

25 September 2014, 11:44 CEST

“Steal with the eyes”

Schoenstatt members from all over the world will be inspired in October by different projects for the family from around the world. Josef and Rosa Maria Wieland, responsible for the organization, tell us about some highlights of the tent.

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24 September 2014, 18:14 CEST

Pilgrims’ Book

Every pilgrim will receive two books along with their pilgrims’ bag: Book number 1 contains the complete texts of all the liturgies and songs, while book number 2 presents all the activities that will take place during the jubilee days. Now available for download.

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17 September 2014, 12:17 CEST

My Name – My Covenant!

From September 18th, the members of the Schoenstatt Movement from around the world can place their name in the Founding Document.

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15 September 2014, 13:27 CEST

Schoenstatt Jubilee – How to register at the last minute?

Only one month left for the international pilgrimage to Schoenstatt for the celebration of its 100 years. September 15th was the closing date for the pilgrims to register for the Jubilee celebrations.

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15 September 2014, 11:47 CEST

«The Third Contact Point in the Covenant of Love»

Interview with Sr. Francine-Marie Cooper – member of the team responsible for the preparation of the encounter with Father Kentenich

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03 September 2014, 17:40 CEST

Follow the jubilee through your screen

Schoenstatt celebrates 100 years and the whole world can witness it! The jubilee pilgrimage will be broadcasted throughout the world by our media partners

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26 August 2014, 16:21 CEST

“As exciting as 100 years ago”

The teams for the 2014 Jubilee meet for a countdown day

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20 August 2014, 17:05 CEST

Hoping in the solidarity of the international Schoenstatt-Family

We have already received many donations from all over the world-The online-donation tool makes donating easier

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20 August 2014, 15:13 CEST

A window into Schoenstatt

Everyone wants to come to the Original Shrine in this jubilee year, so now it possible to – virtually – be “in the shadow of the shrine.”

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19 August 2014, 15:49 CEST

Accreditation for journalists is now possible.

As of now journalists can get acreditation for covering the Jubilee.

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