— Oct 8, 2014

Audio guides for preparation

As immediate preparation for the pilgrimage to Schoenstatt, the Office 2014 now offers a series of audio guides in MP3 format that are available for you to download.

— Oct 7, 2014

Fackellauf 2014: The Adventure begins!

The torch runners have been preparing for this moment for the past 2 years… now the time has come!

— Oct 4, 2014

Adoration in the Original Shrine for the Synod

Today starts the Synod in Rome. Its topic is: “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of the Evangelization.”

— Oct 3, 2014

Father Joseph Kentenich in Gymnich

Along with the experience of visiting and getting to know Schoenstatt and the Original Shrine, pilgrims have the opportunity to visit other important places in the history of the Movement and the life of our Father and Founder.

— Oct 2, 2014

Registration deadline

Registration via the International Ticket Office will be possible only until October 8th.

— Oct 2, 2014

Video: Youth Mission Rome

Youth Mission Rome - P. Alfredo Pereira invites us to the youth mission in Rome next October 25th. Full screen here. More videos here.

— Oct 1, 2014

“This symbol speaks to us personally!”

The artist shares her impressions about the history and meaning of the Unity Cross. By Matías Cervino

— Sep 30, 2014

Pilgrims' Book - Rome

You can now download the pilgrims book for Rome here!

— Sep 30, 2014

“The Youth of Trier voluntarily took over the renovation of the restrooms for the great celebration”

It’s been about two years since they’ve begun to plan the renovation of the large space called the “Pilgrims’ Arena.” Lukas Reck shares with us that members of the Boys' Youth of Trier took over this responsibility.

— Sep 25, 2014

Jubilee site map

A jubilee site map is available for all pilgrims. There you can find all the important sites during the celebrations. It will be the same map that all pilgrims will receive upon arrival together with the pilgrims’ books.

— Sep 25, 2014

“Steal with the eyes”

Schoenstatt members from all over the world will be inspired in October by different projects for the family from around the world. Josef and Rosa Maria Wieland, responsible for the organization, tell us about some highlights of the tent.

— Sep 24, 2014

Pilgrims’ Book

Every pilgrim will receive two books along with their pilgrims’ bag: Book number 1 contains the complete texts of all the liturgies and songs, while book number 2 presents all the activities that will take place during the jubilee days. Now available for download.

— Sep 17, 2014

My Name – My Covenant!

From September 18th, the members of the Schoenstatt Movement from around the world can place their name in the Founding Document.

— Sep 15, 2014

Schoenstatt Jubilee – How to register at the last minute?

Only one month left for the international pilgrimage to Schoenstatt for the celebration of its 100 years. September 15th was the closing date for the pilgrims to register for the Jubilee celebrations.

— Sep 15, 2014

«The Third Contact Point in the Covenant of Love»

Interview with Sr. Francine-Marie Cooper – member of the team responsible for the preparation of the encounter with Father Kentenich